Beware of MarcomCentral® aka:,
PTI Marketing Technologies® aka:

and PTI Marketing Technologies® aka:

PTI Marketing Technologies (PTI) falsely induced us into paying
$15,000 (up-front) for training and licensing.

PTI also falsely represented the Template System is a white label reseller offering.

Out of pocket cost is over $45,000. Estimated business loss building demo is over $200,000.

A conflict of interest exists in that MarcomCentral, is the 'retail' business of PTI.
MarcomCentral is in direct competition with PTI customers (i.e. our intended business).

The PTI insistence that both MarcomCentral and PTI branding be displayed on our
"white label" demo site is a fraudulent misrepresentation of the contract we agreed to.

Jeff Springborn

Linnea Westlake

Coleman Kane


Jeff SpringbornResponsible for Generation of New Business. Misrepresented the program as being "white label"refused to return my phone calls.

Richard A. Lewis–Training Instructor. Assured me that PTI and especially the MarcomCentral branding would be removed, yet the removal code was deliberately withheld severely interfering with our new business marketing.

Melinda McNuttClient Project Manager. Frustrated, with the fraud, we decided to cancel. It was clear our business prospects could easily be diverted to MarcomCentral during our product demo's (the crux of the problem). Melinda McNutt finally supplied the secret code to remove the offending branding after 15 long months. Unfortunately too-little-too-late.

Linnea WestlakeVice President of Services. I called Linnea Westlake to go over this issue and unbelievably, in the rudest possible tone, she stated that when Jeff Springborn withheld the secret code he was "right" in doing so. Astonishingly, she then stated that when Melinda McNutt eventually provided the secret code she was also "right" in doing so! Linnea refused to provide any further explanation on how or why this can possibly be true and abruptly ended the phone conversation.

Jeff StehmanTechnical Support. Much later, after we had already bailed from this bad deal, I spoke with Jeff Stehman. He explained what Linnea Westlake refused to clarify. He said when a PTI customer complains long and hard enough PTI makes an exception. Only problem is by this time we were already gone and PTI had dumped 100's of hours of our demo content.

Coleman KanePresident and Chief Executive Officer. I both called and emailed Coleman Kane ( He failed to respond in any way.

Excerpt from LinkedIn Profile

As President and CEO for PTI Marketing Technologies, Coleman Kane spearheads the company's strategy, which is to provide best of breed cross-media marketing communications for the enterprise, graphic arts and printing communities. Along with his executive team, Kane oversees the company's daily operations including product development, sales, solutions delivery, marketing, HR, and facilities.

(No mention of any connection to MarcomCentral in Coleman Kane profile)


Below is our hard won certificate of successful completion of the PTI training that turned out to be
essentially worthless because PTI promised we were purchasing a private label reseller program.

The certificate below says "MarconCentral." This was a shock to receive this bogus certificate.

All contracts and payments were with PTI Marketing Technologies,
not our competitor MarcomCentral.

No contract with MarcomCentral

After spending hundreds of hours building our demo website and requesting numerous times

it was not until I notified PTI of my intention to cancel our account and request a refund that PTI
finally coughed up the the secret code to remove the MarcomCentral and PTI branding.

By this time it was too late. The damaged trust had already occurred.

Below is the MarcomCentral ( website
home page as of March 12, 2015.

We typed and we're auto
redirected to

MarcomCentral is a 'retail' offering in
competition with PTI business.

This further demonstrates the ripoff scheme!

PTI and MarcomCentral cost my company nearly $250,000 dollars as a direct result of misrepresentation